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Top 3 Reasons to Hire WordPress Speed Optimization Services

In this time and age, WordPress website speed optimization has become crucial for any WordPress website. Google and other popular search engines rank websites based on how quickly they open on devices, therefore, most website owners actively look for ways to optimize WordPress website speed. Today, having a highly- functional website is imperative for any enterprise. However, creating such a website often requires compromising on the speed of this website. Ideally, every website should have a healthy balance of features and loading speed. This way, users get the desirable features without having to wait for the website to load.



The benefits of WordPress website speed optimization are numerous. So here’s a list of reasons why you should invest time and resources to improve the speed of your website:


  • Better User Experience:



In the digital age, there are countless websites that offer almost the same services and products. So, when a user visits your website, it is important to not disappoint a potential customer. Websites that lag a lot are very undesirable and users quickly bounce to another website. This not only drives potential customers away, but the increased bounce rate also causes the website to lose rank in the SERPs. So when you have a good website speed, users are more likely to explore and make a purchase.


  • Create a Lasting Impression:



Nothing spoils the brand image of an enterprise quite like a slow website. On the flip side, having a fast website can create a positive image and increase visitor engagement. When users visit an easy to interact, highly-functional and fast website, they are more likely to visit it again in the future. Again, fast-loading websites also get a major boost in the SERPs, therefore, are accessible to a larger audience segment.


  • Increase Conversions:



Statistics show that nearly 50% of visitors abandon a website that takes longer than 4 seconds to load. However, when the website loads in a decent time and is full of the modern features, users consider it to be reliable. This increases the conversion rate dramatically and helps the business grow rapidly.

WP Speed optimization is so crucial that it is best to leave this process to the professionals. One of the most reliable firm when it comes to WordPress development and optimization is WP OPPO. They have a team of skilled and experienced professionals who specialize in WordPress related services. Hiring WordPress Speed Optimization services from WP OPPO can ensure the success of any business organization online.


For more information, visit Wpoppo.com.

Original Source:  https://bit.ly/2vuqFeX



Source: http://bit.ly/2vuqFeX

5 Major Perks of Converting PSD to WordPress

Do you dream to own a website that shines and generate conversions?


Of course, yes!- is this what you say?


So here it is, the key to your online success. You should plan to hire a dedicated WordPress development company that offers PSD to WordPress theme conversion services.


Why, you ask?


Well, because users, as well as our beloved Google, loves those websites that are responsive and user-friendly to the core. It is a bright idea to get your static PSD designs converted with HTML, CSS and Javascript code to give it an SEO-competent and flexible makeover.




Advantages of PSD to WP Conversion


PSD To WordPress site conversion is one of the easiest ways to create an interactive interface that brings along multitudinous benefits. We today have compiled 5 perks that would compel you to switch from PSD to WordPress. Have a read-


1. Improved Website Navigation


In a nutshell, website navigation refers to the strategized placement of website elements to enhance the user’s browsing experience. A simple PSD to WordPress responsive conversion will make it easier to improve site navigation and spell the website visitors.


2. Scale the Website Utility Via Plugins


WordPress plugins are coded version of pure bliss. In case you decide to expand the functionality of your website, you simply need to integrate popular or custom plugins and upgrade its utility.


3. Easy Content Management


Adding images, texts, hyperlinks or any other media is way too easy with WordPress. You do not need to touch the code at all, and so you can enjoy the smooth updation of site elements. Adding, deleting, and modifying the content of a WP site is as easy as ABC.


4. You Can Amp Up the Look & Feel of Your Website


As we know, WordPress brings a grand array of tempting themes which can be installed anytime to give the website a more professional and industry-oriented look.


5. More Benefits…..


Cross-browser compatibility, pixel perfect markup coding, W3C validation, lightening-fast loading speed and SEO-optimized site structure are other factors to convert PSD to responsive WordPress.


WP OPPO is a dynamic team of WordPress sorcerers that know PSD to WP the best. They create customized branded websites that are loaded with powerful functionalities and deliver premium user experience. To hire them or explore their pricing packages, visit the website Wpoppo.com



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Custom WordPress Themes- A Way to Stick Out a Mile in the Web World

They say a killer web design is the easiest way to win customer in the first place. Well, we believe, they’ve got a point, as a dull online presence is no different from having a zero online presence.


Your website’s look and feel convey the first impression of your business, so it is imperative to make it an impactful one.


Today, we are shouting to all those who own a WordPress-powered website that looks somewhat off-putting. If your website looks much like several others floating on the web due to a commonplace theme, we would recommend you to get custom WordPress theme design services and transform its face, all for better.


Why a Custom WordPress Theme? 


Just like a tailored-suit fits far better than an off-the-rack clothing, custom WordPress themes befits your brand’s image and offerings.


A stunning custom theme can help you stand out from the crowd, giving you an edge over your competitors. For instance, if you are a landscape architect, rather than choosing popular themes like Oshine, Revolution, or Kalium, you can get a fresh template developed to effectively target your customers.


You can get a theme tailored as per your preferences to show your love for perfection, alongside luring your segment by hiring experts from a leading WordPress company. These companies are backed up by a team of WordPress geniuses who know the art of crafting highly-compelling templates. No matter what’s your industry or how complex your business plan is, they can transform your ideas and bring them to life in a little time span. Moreover, do note that you can get a theme developed from scratch or choose to get a popular theme tweaked as per your requirements- both ideas are good in one way or other. Just consider what appeals you more and move ahead to own a stellar online identity!


If you are seeking ways to dominate the web world with a spiffy website, do consider theme development services offered by WP OPPO. WP OPPO is one of the fastest growing custom WordPress development company that offers a full-spectrum of high-performing WP solutions. From theme customization to WordPress plugin development, experts of WP OPPO can cater to each need of yours. They offer the best pricing plans and dependable support solutions to help you rise and shine in your domain. To get further details, check the website Wpoppo.com



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